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How We Build Comfort

Modal Fabric

Modal is a smooth, soft, and breathable textile, and its luscious texture feels similar to silk. It’s cool to the touch, super absorbent, and resistant to shrinkage and fading. In short, it’s the perfect microfiber fabric for body-hugging apparel.
Our underwear is made with 90% modal fabric, an eco-friendly microfiber that enfolds the body in a light embrace. We then blend modal with 10% elastane for a snug fit that you’ll love, as they were designed to contour to your body without any pressure points. They provide both a lush feel and a perfect fit, making them the most comfortable pair of underwear ever. This unique blend gives our underwear amazing contour properties that allows it to mold seamlessly with your body type. Unlike other underwear, our boxer briefs adapt to your physique for maximum comfort.

Comfort Pricing

In our search for great underwear, we found two categories: Cheaply priced and cheaply made, or premium quality with premium pricing. We wanted to create a third category: quality underwear at an affordable price.
To do so, we cut out all the middlemen and storefronts, excess spending that companies typically suffer from. We go straight to the source and obtain the world’s finest fabrics. We partner with the same suppliers and factories used by big-name underwear companies. Then we turn around and sell them directly to you. The result: We’re able to offer our boxer briefs to you at less than 50% the price of luxury brands! Welcome to the new world of underwear. Shop our boxer briefs today to find your perfect pair.

Comfort Engineering

Quality underwear requires quality engineering, so we partnered with the finest craftsmen and fabric engineering experts with years of experience refining high-grade materials. We worked closely with them every step of the way to carry out our vision and transform it into a reality.

Modal’s botanic origin in beechwood trees makes it particularly eco-friendly and sustainable. We only work with ethically responsible suppliers who meet our extensive requirements. Throughout the process, we minimize waste and recover all chemicals used. Every fabric we source undergoes rigorous testing by SGS to ensure quality and durability.