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Stash Your Cash in Style

How do you store your money? Do you stick it in a clunky trifold wallet? Maybe an unsightly metal clip that’s tarnished and worn? We’re betting that you’re in need of a cash-stashing upgrade.

Here are three of our favorite ways to store money on the go. Next time you make a purchase, you can pay in style.

1. Articulate Money Clip

If wallets aren’t your style, consider this. The folks at Articulate have designed a stellar money clip that’s super sleek and lightweight. Made from eco-friendly microfiber, the compact clip also protects from RFID theft. We like its minimalist look and hyper-functionality.

Right now, you can snag one for only $25 on their Kickstarter. Don’t wait!

2. Keplero Luxury Wallet

Keplero is one of the most unique wallets we’ve seen in a long time. It’s the first magnetic wallet made of pure carbon fiber, which means it looks and works like a charm. They’re also RFID-blocking and feature a clip on the back.

It’s double-sided for maximum usage and looks great with anything from classy slacks to comfy shorts. If you back their Kickstarter, you can grab a wallet for only $69. Talk about bang for your buck!

3. Dash Wallet

Our friends at Dash have designed a slim wallet that packs a punch. It features a quickdraw for your most used card, extra storage for more, and a through pocket for your cash. If you’re looking to trim the fat from your current wallet situation, we wholeheartedly recommend picking up a Dash.

You can purchase a variety of wallets from their shop. Prices start at a mere $17, making the Dash collection incredibly affordable.


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