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5 Summer Fashion Must-Haves for Guys

Summer is upon us, and that means summer fashion. But what are the best options for the contemporary gent? To answer that question, we’ve compiled a list of 5 essential items that you need to make this summer the best one ever.

1. Henley tee

More sophisticated than a run-of-the-mill T-shirt, the Henley tee goes with nearly every outfit. Unbutton it to cool yourself down and achieve a rugged look.

Alternative Apparel has a great selection of Henleys for every occasion. We recommend getting cotton, as it’s one of the most breathable fabrics out there. (Although modal is better.)

2. Shorts

Say goodbye to cargo shorts and “jorts” (jean shorts). Your summer wardrobe deserves shorts with finesse and maturity.

We like Volcom’s Frickin Chino Shorts and Vans Vanphibian shorts. Chino is one of the comfiest fabrics for shorts, as is cotton.

3. Shoes

So you’ve got a shirt and shorts. To get into any self-respecting establishment, you need one more thing: shoes. And not just any shoes, because summer’s hot temps require light kicks.

Sperry produces some stellar shoes, including boat shoes and slip-ons, which are perfect for summer. Whether you go sockless or not, the right pair of shoes will make surviving the heat a breeze.

4. Cardigan

We know, we know––what’s a cardigan doing on a list for summer clothes? First of all, cardigans are perfect for those summer days that are cool or rainy. Second of all, when you pair them with a shirt (like a Henley), they create a comfortable, stylish combo.

We like this pair of cardigans from Old Navy, and not only because they match our boxer briefs. (But that’s a big reason why we like them.) H&M also has a variety of appealing options.

5. Sunscreen

Even though sunscreen isn’t a clothing item, it’s the most important summer must-have. You may have the style for summer, but fashion won’t be fun if you’re a human lobster. Be sure you’re always protected before you have fun in the sun. To make it easier, the American Cancer Society has put together a great guide to protecting yourself from UV rays.

This Nature’s Gate offers SPF 50 and organic ingredients. For those of you who have fairer skin, this SPF 100 Neutrogena sunscreen should do the trick.

While you're at it, pick up a pair or ten of our premium boxer briefs. Since they’re twice as breathable as cotton and lighter than air, they’ll make summer much more comfortable.

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