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5 Creative Gifts for Men

Whoever he is, you love him and you want to spoil him. It could be his birthday, Christmas, Valentine's, or even his graduation. But he's the type of guy that owns a smartphone, loves technology but already owns most of what he wants, and to top it all off, you've already bought him a few fancy dress shirts. For all you hopeless lads that have had to resort to an online search to get your dude a gift you'll want to impress with, here's a list of 5 things he'll be pleasantly surprised about:

1. Price range: $500-1000. Answer: A Drone. Drones are the biggest crazy, and he feels a bit guilty about spending this much on what many see as a toy. But once he flies them and realizes that this is way better that anything he's ever owned, he'll thank you many many times. We recommend the DJI Phantom II.

2.  Price range: $200-400. Answer: A Go Pro. If he's into any of the following: any sport, kids, airplanes, fishing, scuba, snorkeling, or photography in general, a GoPro will suit him well. We recommend the GoPro Hero 4. He can buy the memory card himself.

3. Price range: $100-500. Answer: A gift card. But Not just any gift card. Go for his favorite tech brand. This shows that you did a bit of research. It's easy: find out what brands he's loyal to and type the following in your favorite search engine: 'launch date for BRAND'. Replace BRAND with his favorite brand of course. Ta da! You answers. Price range: $100-500.

4. Price range: $50-100. Answer: A 6-pack of premium underwear. Plenty of options to choose from. But google searches can be tricky. Companies will throw plenty of raunchy pictures to seduce you into their $30-a-piece rags. 6 Will net you over $200, taxes, and a trip through traffic. Or you could buy 6 Anthem Modal Boxer Briefs for 80 bucks. He'll have one for every day of the week. Except Sundays... he doesn't wear anything on Sundays anyways. We recommend: Comfortable Boxers Co. Boxer Briefs.

5. Price range: $25-50. Answer: A Swell Bottle. These are the creme de la creme in water bottles. We're not kidding. It keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot for 12. He'll drink the hell out of this bottle.

This list works well for the following as well: Awesome gifts for a guy, awesome gifts for my husband, awesome gifts for my pool cleaner (why are you giving him gifts anyways?), awesome gifts for my son. Any guy will do, really.


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